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Let’s Do Lunch!

As designers and creative types, we are continually inspired by art and culture all over the globe. We love to look at the world around us, even the regular, every day stuff and put it into our own designs. Our work exemplifies not only the visible creativity in the world, but the extraordinary visions that come from inside our own imaginations. Nothing is ever too ridiculous or too mind-blowing here at Quiplip, which is why things like beer vending machines and Coca-Cola robots are so inspiring to us.

Wait, beer vending machines? Yes! And while we’re at it, what do Nikes, SMART Cars, Pringles and sushi have in common? If you guessed that all those things can be purchased from a vending machine in Tokyo, than you’re a freaking genius. Or, more likely, you’ve been to Japan. With about one machine for every 23 people, this Vending Machine Utopia offers ample opportunities to grab whatever you’re craving – yes, even sushi. And, if it’s raining, you can get sushi and an umbrella from the same machine! Convenience has never tasted so good. Not only are these vending machines well-maintained, they almost always take bills on the first try and never judge as you shamelessly pay for a bottle of tequila entirely in 10 yen coins. Although we may not be in Japan, the idea of thinking differently, even at lunch time is a major part of our lifestyle here at Quiplip. And we encourage you to try it too! Use one of our greeting cards to invite someone out for sushi or slip one in their brown bag lunch stashed in the office ‘fridge as a reminder of their awesomeness. Heck, you could even send a card containing a really flat dollar and invite a coworker to share a bag of Doritos with you.

Say it better this time

It’s very possible these days to communicate with anyone all over the world as well as the person right next to you, without speaking a word. You could have laryngitis or a mouthful of spaghetti and easily get your point across. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and social media, we don’t have to physically talk to each other anymore. Similarly, you can send someone an emoticon of a kissy face and not actually have to taste their onion breathe or ruin your lipstick, yet, they will totally understand that you love them. That was what you were trying to get across, right? Sure you guys have only exchanged texts for a week but everyone knows that yellow face with the red kissy lips means “I love you.” If you didn’t mean it, a simple smiley would have sufficed. Crap. You didn’t mean it. Well, you can’t take it back now! The text conversation you were trying to end 10 minutes ago will continue on for at least another 30 minutes because you picked the wrong emoticon. And now you may even have to *GASP!* call to explain yourself. All of this could have been avoided (or fixed as the case may be now) with a tangible, physical, find-a-real-pen-to-sign-it, greeting card. Not just any card. A greeting card that can keep up with the smartass, funny and trendy lifestyle you lead. An understandable and definite card that will never be mistaken for an “I love you” when you clearly mean, “You’re the coolest and I enjoy spending time with you occasionally.” And that’s what we do here at Quiplip, we make cards that say exactly what you mean to say in exactly the way you want to say it. Our cards will inspire you to spice things up, put your phone down for a nanosecond, and genuinely communicate with people again.